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I'll start this shindig with a mention to the Jazz Fest happening this weekend. A great chance to meet new people, (and watch them get drunk and fall on their face...)And it's free!



Lauren Forch moved back to Sioux Falls a couple years ago after a stint in Rapid City.As a career-focused person, her romantic experiences West River were largely within her own social circle of busy professionals – she refers to it as “dating out of convenience.” And although Forsch says the pool is a bit bigger in Sioux Falls, where she works as director of fundraising and corporate events for The American Heart Association, that doesn’t make finding someone any easier.“I received this advice a little while back: ‘More than likely, your significant other, you’re going to meet them out doing something. So put yourself in a place where you would want to meet that person.Bakery co-founder Brian Rand has had experience in both the Los Angeles and Sioux Falls dating scenes which, he explains, are completely different animals.While getting married in your 20s is common in South Dakota, he says even being in a serious relationship at that stage was considered weird on the west coast.

If you’re always at a bar, you’re going to meet someone who is always at a bar.’ I thought that was interesting,” she recalled.“And when I moved back to Sioux Falls, I started doing a lot more things for me, for my interests – whether that be history club or different organizations around the symphony.


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