Sligo dating site


Fly to Ireland, meet your Tour Manager at the airport and relax aboard our coach as it carries you to your hotel.

After check-in you're free to relax, or perhaps stroll down the riverside path into the lively town of Sligo.

Here, St John's Cathedral and the Sligo Art Gallery are well worth a visit, and the County Museum is a must for Yeats devotees.

Today begins with a visit to the county town of Fermanagh, Enniskillen, which shelters beneath the walls of its castle on an island in the River Erne.


Parke's Castle, on the north-western shore of Lough Gill, is our first stop this morning.Today's tour begins with a trip to Glencar Waterfall, made famous in Yeats' 'The Stolen Child', and ends with a stop at Drumcliffe Church, where the poet's grave is marked with a simple headstone.


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