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While more than 70000 South Africans wait nervously to find out whether they will be exposed now that cheating website Ashley Madison has been hacked, Teazers boss Paul de Jager has not been deterred from punting his cheating4website, which is described as a "network for discreet affairs".

The site has more than 10000 users in South Africa and Europe.

He said he had hired "the best in the business" to stop his website from suffering a similar fate.

Johannesburg sexologist Elna Mc Intosh said the longer people stayed in online chat rooms, the more likely they were to engage in cybersex."Research shows that within four days people take it offline and on their first meeting they have sex because they have had the sexy chat and got hot under the collar," she said.

Later that day, the girl's mother had received a please-call-me SMS from a strange number. When family and police arrived in the area, they were initially not able to find the smallholding.

Then, on the first smallholding, a white Toyota Tazz came driving along at high speed, said the mother.

Dave Coughlan, 27, is being sought in connection with the incident.

"My sister phoned my daughter and asked if there was anyone in the house.

De Jager was adamant this week that his website did not encourage extra-marital affairs, saying it provided a safe platform on which subscribers could "chat".

In light of the attack on Ashley Madison, De Jager's website has had its security beefed up.

A please-call-me SMS eventually led police and family to the girl on a smallholding in Crystal Park, Benoni.The girl's aunt said she had spotted Coughlan driving at high speed from the smallholding, where the victim was hiding in the bathroom.


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