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I worked in politics that are not seen.” Because of death threats and assassination attempts, Mr Sepúlveda is under highest security in prison and is checked on every hour by guards.Webové kamery ostatných používateľov môžu vidieť len prémioví členovia."When I realised that people believed what the internet says mroe than reality, I discovered that I had the power to make people believe almost anything," he said.provided a team which would hack smartphones, clone web pages, send mass e-mails and texts for some ,000 a month.In one instance in Mexico, he sabotaged the electoral chances of a candidate by making computers call tens of thousands of voters with pre-recorded messages at 3 am in a critical swing state.The angered voters switched sides and the candidate in question lost by a slim margin.For ,000 customers could buy a package including digital interception and attack techniques.He has said he was mainly on the pay roll of a Miami-based political consultant, Juan José Rendón - a claim Mr team employed a range of methods.


Andrés Sepúlveda explained his major role in the "unseen politics" that wins and loses elections which he has said is endemic around the world in an interview with Bloomberg.

Ak sa chceš stať prémiovým (ZLATÝM) členom na celý život a odomknúť túto funkciu, jediné, čo musíš urobiť, je kúpiť si raz akýkoľvek počet žetónov!


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