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She gives self-righteous bak bak about free speech .This channel gives space to rabid hate monger T#etsa S#talvad and A#undhati R#y ( related to Prann#y R#y , a Christian and W loyalist )Both her first and second husbands are Kashmiri Muslims, as per Wiki ( this gets deleted and pops back every now and then ) .


Barkha Dutt’s second husband Haseeb Drabu ( as per Wiki ) a secessionist who authored of a "Self Rule" Document that was part of PDPs election manifesto.

( Barkha has denied this marriage on NDTV , I have heard this myself , and I sure she knows more than iki ) He had also envisioned the need for a separate currency "Karra" for J&Ks autonomy ( IB report ).


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