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This set up allows us to avoid counting couples composed of two foreign-raised individuals - which are the couples who likely immigrated here already married.3.That means the data captures not only the type of marriages taking place in the US, but also how prevalent interracial marriages are in India & neighboring countries (hint: it's quite, quite low). Well, it's the difference between marriages happening in America and married people living in America - if you want to know more about former, you won't learn it here.

This data is great in one way, as it let's you know what types of marriages the entire South Asian population have, but it's also troublesome.The problem is that a lot of married people immigrate to the US, and they'll be counted in this group too.If you immigrated to the the US after 13, then your childhood was primarily spent elsewhere, and you're considered foreign-raised.This second group serves as a sort-of proxy for marriages that take place in the US, since only the spouse may be foreign-raised, not the individual in question (remember, we're taking the sexes separately, so for the guys, belonging to this category would mean the guy was US-raised and the woman was either US-raised or foreign-raised.

Marriages of South Asians where the South Asian individual in the marriage was raised in the US.

To be considered "raised in the US" for this study, you must have been born & raised here, or have immigrated to the US no later than age 13.


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