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I can't believe this is happening to me," said Jane.


I was in shock."The Houston Police Department is investigating the situation.Jane said she thought she took showed effort precaution.As Jane walked to her car, the man quickly pulled up in his truck. "He politely walked back and got in the truck."Jane immediately called 911 and followed the truck. Jane said the man used her bank card to buy gas just minutes later.Jane said he blocked her in and before she realized it, the man was sitting in her back seat and demanded her purse."He said, 'Give me your purse. Jane described the moment she realized her date turned into a nightmare."Oh my God!


We're only identifying the woman as Jane to protect her anonymity.

The incident happened at Edwards Houston Marq'e Stadium 23 on Friday afternoon.


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    Gibson made the EB-OF with a doublecutaway slab mahogany body with rounded horns and a transparent cherry-red finish.

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    Perhaps you should use a 'Requery' of the form to avoid that message.

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