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Sigh lol I'm a spiritual person not religious at all.Were all on different paths helping each other along on our journey and bringing more joy n fun in to our lives.With access to hundreds of genuine Singles in Southport, we are able to offer you the opportunity to find your perfect local Southport match.Our incredible Southport online dating service also gives you the chance to extend your search to all areas of the UK.Quite a shy one so if you wana talk send me a cheeky message!! I'm on here to make friends since my life changed 7 years ago.I love meeting new people and miss having close friends to go and have girly time, and doing all those things that girls do together so well.Never done this before so its all new :) Looking to meet new people an possibly more over time, Past relationships haven't been the best so I would like a real man to treat me right!I'm a fun outgoing girl with a hint of crazyness at times :) Love going out but love staying in for those cuddley movie nights.

I have 5 children and life can be rather hectic and seem to get caught up in doing everything for everyone else and not having much time for me, so i'm looking at changing all of that and choosing to bring more fun and laughter in to my life and bring balance, than just being a mum, housekeeper, nursemaid, etc lol dont get me wrong i love it, but i miss doing girly things.

I love researching and expanding my knowledge when i get the chance, problem is i dont seem to have the capacity to remember well after having 5 children ha!

I am an easy going kinda guy, im single and trying to find a new love.

I love meeting new, nice looking females and getting to know each other I not into spilling my life story out on my page, but ill gladly message anyone back who wishes to know more about me :) well thank you for viewing my profile and talk soon :) xxx Hiyaa!


I come to the conclusion that if we dont try we'll never know what could of been, so here i am lol Thanks for stopping by again, looking forward to chatting with you soon.

Have a fab day xxxx Hey there, I've been told by many people that I'm fun to be around (i make alot of jokes but not cheesy ones lol), I'm tall and very cuddly (but i don't look my weight), i help out at the British heart foundation lifting furniture a couple of days a week :), i enjoy long meaningful conversation's and I'm an attentive listener, I'm just really looking for more people to expand my circle lol don't be afraid to message me i always reply.


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