Spanish affiliate dating


Here are the programs we offer: Pay Per Sale program - You get paid for every first full membership your traffic generates.Your payment does not depend on the price of the sale and has a set value according to the site and geo being promoted. Monthly net 15 only Pay Per Trial program – You get paid for every initial order that your traffic generates. Payments are set based on site and geo, not the order price. Monthly net 15 only Pay Per Lead Program - Every free registration your traffic generates can earn you up to .5.Up For It Networks is a leading social and online dating business.We have developed or acquired and now operate a portfolio of web and mobile properties that target mass and niche audiences.The commission rate depends on your traffic conversion rate from free registration to full membership sale.We offer double-opt in (web traffic) and single-opt in (mobile traffic) options.Have them join our referral program and you get paid 5% of everything they earn. A sale is defined as a full membership sale of 1, 3, or 6 months bought by a new member plus all 3-day trials that have converted into a full month package.A trial is defined as a new 3-day membership order.

As a global B2C company, we provide technology solutions and platforms that enable people around the world to connect based on their social interests and passions.You can promote our sites in any way that doesn't violate our corporate TOS and policies and is not illegal.


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