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photographer was given a Kodak 110 camera as a youth in Nebraska and would accompany his parents on short landscape photo excursions.He bought his first 35 mm camera as a teenager and enjoyed landscape photography around Lake Mc Conaughy and the surrounding Sandhills of Western Nebraska.Later on he switched to weight training in addition to playing school rugby.Mathew is open to artistic, fitness, fashion, sports and physique modelling and has been fortunate to have worked with some amazing photographers so far.Which probably explains that portrait where he is dressed as – indeed – a fire fighter.He grew up training in boxing and kickboxing for most of my life.



I loved the experience and would like to excel in both acting and modeling as my career develops.A role as fire fighter seems to be perfect for him as well.


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    Television was a national obsession in many Western countries, and the TV was often the focal point of the home.

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    It was decided to print a letter to indicate the actual month of manufacture with A = January, B = February etc.

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    “If God calls me to singleness, I’m not answering,” my sister said to me. (David and Bathsheba’s child didn’t survive despite fervent prayer and fasting). But even if your statement represents truth, communicated in a careless way it can be damaging. While God promises to give us the desires of our hearts, he is not Santa Claus.

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