Spatial updating

The frequency encoding depends on of how rapidly the FID signal is sampled by the scanner.Increasing the sampling rate results in no time penalty.The matrix size is the number of frequency encoding steps, in one direction; and the number of phase encoding steps, in the other direction of the image plane.Assuming everything else is constant, increasing the number of frequency encodings or the number of phase steps results in improved resolution.

New national planning policies were published in June 2014.This has changed how we plan for Onshore Wind Energy development.Since voxels are three dimensional rectangular solids, the resolution is frequently different in the three different directions.The size of the voxel and therefore the resolution depends on matrix size, the field-of-view (FOV), and the slice thickness.

We have been reviewing our planning policies and guidance and now have Supplementary Guidance approved by committee for adoption.Until formally adopted it will be referred to as a material consideration for development management.


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