Specific dating sites


Premium memberships start at .99 a month with discounts offered for longer subscriptions.❤ Website: Travel ❤ Tagline: "Date abroad: Attractive girls travel free." ❤ Who it's for: Financially strapped "attractive travelers" who want to travel for free on the arm of "generous frequent flyers" who want a bit of company as they trot the globe.

So far, the site reports attracting more than 7,800 members. ❤ Website: Dating ❤ Tagline: "Date a caring veterinarian. " ❤ Who it's for: Veterinarians, vet techs or anyone interested in meeting others who share a mutual "love and respect for all nature's creatures." ❤ Subscription rate: Free to join.

The former create profiles, say where they want to go and wait for a companion willing to fork over airline miles to pay their way.

❤ Subscription rate: Free to join for both "attractive" and "generous" travelers.

To interact with potential companions, however, generous travelers must purchase a premium subscription starting at a month or use "credits" that must be purchased in packages for to 0.

More than likely, there's a service out there that caters to you.

Love for Wits ❤ Tagline: "From the heart, but smart." ❤ Who it's for: "Witty and intelligent singles" who are irritated by dates that involve "inane blather, ...



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