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Police believe the passenger, also from Airdrie, was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown through the sunroof during the crash.

Both men sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries, according to police. P." to the car, which they referred to as "Turbo G." RCMP said electricity was knocked out in a neighbourhood near the crash, given the "extent of the damage to the power pole." A Fortis Alberta crew was called to the site to repair the damage.


Friends of the driver and passenger shared this photo on Facebook of the crashed vehicle, referring to the car as "Turbo G." Police said the G35 Infiniti knocked out electricity in an Airdrie neighbourhood when it struck a power pole after losing control.

(Brody Turton/Facebook) An Airdrie man is facing criminal charges after he seriously injured himself and his passenger, who was ejected through the sunroof of a vehicle dubbed "Turbo G" that police allege lost control at high speed, struck a power pole and rolled several times.



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