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Buses meet the car ferries at Stari Grad and run to various destinations such as Jelsa and Hvar town (27kn one-way).Don't take taxis from the ferry port, they're a rip-off.The roads on hvar can be steep and windy and there are no guard rails, so be careful especially if riding a rented moped which is old and has already done tens of thousands miles.Hvar was relatively cheap, without an extensive tourist infrastructure, and it attracted a lot of young people.However, this is changing as large five star hotels are being built and the standard of living in Croatia is rising. Gently rolling hills painted a brilliant purple by the fertile flowers, lush vineyards nestling at the foot of ragged mountains, gorgeous beaches with tiny inlets and secluded coves, luscious restaurants, boutiques, and a vibrant nightlife amidst the medieval streets of Hvar Town are just a few of the treats to enjoy on this dream of an island.

Island Hvar and especially Hvar town is one of the most popular destinations in the Adriatic.During the season (May to September) it can be very busy, especially during August when large numbers of Italians visit.



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