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Thousands took to the streets Wednesday night in Manhattan.

Traffic was unbelievably disrupted due to the massive number of people who took to the streets to express their anger, disbelief and in some cases, fear.


Watson is a book fairy with the London-based group Books on the Underground, an organization that typically stock stations and trains with about 150 books per week. A person was gravely injured after being struck by the A train in Far Rockaway on Wednesday night, according to authorities.The A subway service has resumed, but there will be delays in both directions. For as long as I can remember referees have been under scrutiny by players, coaches, and fans across the sports spectrum.Thousands of protesters, joined by a make-shift marching band, rallied in Manhattan Wednesday night to demonstrate their anger over the election of Republican Donald Trump as the nation’s next president.Some carried signs calling for the impeachment of the president-elect.

The as-yet-unknown person was hit by the A train at the Wavecrest-Beach 25th Street station (599 Beach 25th Street, Far Rockaway) just before 7 p.m., a spokesman for FDNY said.The person was taken to Jamaica Hospital with “serious, life-threatening injuries,” the spokesman said.



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