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When the Kern County Bridal Association moved its office to JC’s Place, Miller, as a member, was called upon to set up a window display.Seeing what a great job she had done on the display, the building’s owner, Mark Abernathy, who was looking for new blood to help coordinate events, asked her if she’d be interested in doing more at the venue.

But the grand opening/ribbon cutting for Tastries Bakery at JC’s Place Thursday is just the latest in exciting happenings at the downtown venue.Cathy Miller has been providing treats to events at the venue as well as coming up with a new lineup of activities to draw in the public.The planner’s involvement with the downtown venue came about in a similar serendipitous way.Bakery offerings will be the same, including decorated and gourmet (chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal) cookies, cupcakes — their No.

1 seller — cinnamon rolls, breads and other baked goods.The shop will also offer salads (pasta, fruit, green) and sandwiches (egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad) on fresh-baked bread.“We’ve heard a lot of interest from other downtown workers and businesses that they want to have something that is quick and easy and doesn’t require them to drive,” Mike Miller said.



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