Speed dating host jobs london

To celebrate this year’s Star Wars Day, Nerd Nite London has teamed up with Science Showoff to host its first ever speed dating event.On May the 4th, the company will host its monthly non-profit event, where speakers give a 21 minute long talk on a topic of their choosing to an audience.


Students heard from Employment Minister Esther Mc Vey at the event, and it was encouraging to have ministerial support for the initiative.

Leading professionals from finance, retail, media, the creative industries and HR were also on hand to take part in the activities.

In our manifesto for jobs, we’ve outlined key recommendations for the next government aimed at ensuring we build the best jobs market in the world.

Making sure that we prepare young people for the jobs of the future is central to this; we’re calling for careers advice to incorporate and use the expertise of employers and recruiters, so that young people are made aware of the skills that businesses are looking for.

Events like this are a great way for employers to engage directly with students and support the careers guidance available in schools.It’s so important for young people to be given opportunities to talk to working adults in all kinds of careers, because by going through the process of asking and answering questions, students are prompted to reflect on what they want out of work in the future.



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