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In Michigan City, Indiana, South Shore Line trains travel through the city on 10th Street and 11th Street with a station on 11th Street with the sidewalks acting like side platforms on the one track.

Railway stations and their platforms come in many different configurations, influenced by such factors as the geographical nature of the site, or the need to serve more than one route, which may or may not be connected, and the level of the tracks.

Examples include: The particular geography of a line may lead to the station being built below the level of the adjoining terrain (in a cutting or inside a tunnel).


If a station is in a tunnel, it is usually because the station has been constructed beneath the city to serve the city centre, or because the station was originally in a cutting which has subsequently been built over. not forming part of a complete metro, suburban railway or underground railway, system) are: Australia: Some new underground stations are planned on new underground railway lines in both Stockholm (Citybanan) and Gothenburg (Västlänken).A station under Landvetter Airport is also planned as a part of a new high-speed line between Gothenburg and Borås.Taiwan: In the similar way, many stations have elevated platforms which are usually one level above the street, with trains entering on viaducts or embankments, which is normally due to the geography of the region.Some more interesting At West Ham station in east London the c2c National Rail line and the London Underground District line (on the same tracks as the Hammersmith & City line) pass over the London Underground Jubilee line on the bridge in the background Some stations have platforms serving two rail routes which cross at different levels.

Rare examples in the United Kingdom include: In Oakland's Jack London Square, the Amtrak and Capitol Corridor rail services, as well as through freight trains, actually operate along the street, with tracks embedded in the pavement (much the same way a tram would be expected to operate).

The station itself is in a structure some yards away from the platforms.



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