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"We're not going to be hammering them with e-mails and phone calls as a follow-up to this." Parr is a coordinator of the Small Buzz Forum.The Small Biz Buzz Forum will allow small business owners to visit one of 10 tables every 20 minutes in two hours and discuss key topics for running that business.The MILE Act, signed into law in 2013, expands investment opportunities by allowing Michigan residents to support local businesses.One of her tips: Small business owners need to research the various options out there for raising money to expand their business or launch a new idea.


What if you could let small-business owners go on aspeed dating spree to meet with experts who can talk about how to maximize cash flow, use social media to market a product, or give tips on how to use micro lending or , founder of Reconsider, a research and development firm in Ypsilanti, will be one of the experts hosting a speed dating table at the "Small Biz Buzz" seminar to be held Tuesday. She'll be talking about the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption, which offers game-changing potential for local restaurants, brew pubs and Main Street-oriented outfits to raise capital through intrastate investment might raise about ,000 or so for a local business.But she maintains that the Michigan program, known as the MILE Act, has the potential to raise 0,000 or 0,000 in many cases and rebuild local economies.



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    The trade show is attended by owners and senior executives in the online personals market.

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