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Students who come forward may have their cases reopened or even overturned, either because administrators don't trust the process or because investigators make mistakes.

A repeat offender can stay in the MSU community for years, simply because the process takes so long.

Not just her alleged rape, but the whole maddening, dysfunctional process that MSU dragged both her and the accused student through, for nearly a year and half.

But she says, that's exactly why she has to keep talking about it.

On Valentine’s Day of 2014, she filed a sexual assault complaint with MSU, saying she’d been raped by a fellow student the previous year.

Here’s what MSU told her was supposed to happen next.

And some students and staff feel the university waited too long to seriously address these issues, despite knowing for more than a year now that federal recommendations for sexual assault investigations weren't being met.

Part I: Shayna’s case At this point, Shayna is really tired of talking about what happened to her.

But at Michigan State University, those investigations can drag on for seven, eight, even nine months.An MSU investigator would have 90 days, according to MSU’s own policy at the time, to interview witnesses and write a report.



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