Speed dating in leicester square

So, what better way to get a date quickly – and without the awkwardness of not knowing when to leave or stop talking – than, you guessed it… It seems to be one of those things that makes people in relationships truly pity those who aren’t.


The men did the rounds while the women stayed seated (just how it should be in my opinion).

Are you a lady struggling to find a fellow female to share your special moments with?

I didn’t meet any potential husbands but I did meet a very diverse group of lovely men, who all had some very positive attributes. If you’re single and Sikh, then I would suggest you head down to one of London’s coolest hotspots Bounce to play a bit of ping-pong and meet some similar singles!

Have a giggle with some fellow Sikhs and get to know more about them without sitting face-to-face and making forced conversation!

We had 3-4 minutes with each ‘date’, which was just about enough time to get a brief introduction and find out whether or not you wanted to know more.

There were 15 men and 15 women altogether and afterwards we all enjoyed a drink and a mingle.



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    Other "intelligent dating" sites either failed to screen members in any meaningful way or else applied absurdly difficult Mensa tests.

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    They let us identify the device youre using but not you personally.

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