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The Dutch finally established a garrison at Bergen, allowing settlement of areas within the province of New Netherland.Within a period of 112 years, 1497–1609, four European explorers claimed this land for their sponsors: John Cabot, 1497, for England; Giovanni de Verrazano, 1524, for France; Estevan Gomez, 1525, for Spain, Henry Hudson, 1609, for Holland.They were eventually moved to reservations set up by the US Government.

Then for 50 years, 1614–1664, the Monmouth County area came under the influence of the Dutch, but it was not settled until English rule in 1664.

The initial European proprietors of the area purchased the land from the Lenni Lenape leader or Sakamaker.

This article is about the township in Monmouth County.

For the community within the township see Marlboro, Monmouth County, New Jersey; For other places with the same name, see Marlboro, New Jersey (disambiguation).

As the Lenni Lenape population declined, and the European population increased, the history of the area was increasingly defined by the new European inhabitants and the Lenape Native American tribes played an increasingly secondary role.After the Dutch arrival to the region in the 1620s, the Lenape were successful in restricting Dutch settlement to Pavonia in present-day Jersey City along the Hudson until the 1660s and the Swedish settlement to New Sweden (1655 - The Dutch defeat the Swedes on the Delaware).



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