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This article is a list of tornadoes that have impacted the central business district (downtown or city centre) of a large city (that is, one having at least 50,000 people, not counting suburbs or outlying communities, at the time of the storm).

It is a common myth that tornadoes do not strike downtown areas.

It is sometimes also difficult to determine tornadoes that strike urban cores before 1950, when tornado records (particularly in the US) started to be consistently logged with detail.

Before this, lack of details on information from the events, as well as that most cities were far smaller in area and population complicate the record.

Downbursts often accompany intense tornadoes, extending damage across a wider area than the tornado path.



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The odds are much lower due to the small areas covered, but paths can go anywhere, including over downtown areas. Louis, Missouri has taken a direct hit four times in less than a century.

This list is not exhaustive (listing every single tornado that has struck a downtown area or central business district of any city), as it may never be known if a tornado struck a downtown area, or if it was just a microburst (powerful downward and outward gush of wind, which cause damage from straight-line winds), particularly for older events or from areas with limited information.

For the list of cities that are not listed here for certain reasons, see below.

Note: The F-Scale was superseded by the EF scale in the U. on February 1, 2007, and in Canada on April 18, 2013 For tornadoes and cities in: United States, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, Central America, and The Caribbean There were more than 300 tornadoes that night along central Argentina.



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