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The boot camp and the companies who helped design it, including American Metal Technologies, demand students show up as scheduled, on time and ready to work. “That’s why we call it ‘boot camp,’” Obradovic said older plant workers have taken Shipman under their wings, helping him learn the computers, machines and programs specific to the products the company manufactures as a supplier to the national and international auto industry.In July, the fourth year of classes will begin for the high school boot camp, which employs the same rigors, demands and rules as the adult version.Students must go through a no-nonsense application process, which includes orientation sessions on their own and with their parents.They must be at least 17 and entering their last year of high school, what Gateway calls “rising seniors,” according to Debbie Davidson, Gateway vice president of business and workforce solutions.Classes at the i MET Center meet 32 hours per week starting in July prior to senior year.Students then attend the boot camp classes from - p.m.

Keep going.” Sasha “Sash” Obradovic, the first shift supervisor for American Metal Technologies, 8213 Durand Ave., is Shipman’s boss and played a key role in recruiting him for the company. His i MET instruction and on-the-job training provided him with skills to program and run accurate, computer-controlled tools to mill, shape and grind metal into precise shapes. What worked for him is the same thing he advises for other students thinking about enrolling in CNC Boot Camp: “Don’t give up on it. AMT offered him a paid internship/apprenticeship, and he began working part-time on Feb. After graduation earlier this month — having already completed CNC Boot Camp a short time before — he accepted the company’s full-time job offer as of June 16. “Some parts of it can be hard,” Shipman said, including classes like math, effective speaking, gauging and reading blueprints. Shipman, now 18, started the program as a 17-year-old senior at Reuther. It’s not hard to understand.” Still, it wasn’t completely without challenges for him.

During the semester, Gateway works with the high schools to ensure student schedules accommodate the change.

“We’ve worked with their school advisers so their classes are all scheduled in the morning,” Davidson explained.



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