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Take I287 North to Rte 22 West Exit 14B on the left towards Rte 202/206 for CLINTON. Take the Rte 202/206 North ramp towards I287 North for MORRISTOWN/NETCONG. Take I287 South to Rte 202/206 South Exit 17 towards Rte 22 West for SOMERVILLE/FLEMINGTON. at our next Southern New Jersey Lock and Key Events.What a great way to unwind after a long work week..kick off a night on the town! Take the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE to Exit 10 for I287/Rte 440 towards METUCHEN/EDISON TWP. Many of the small businesses in South Florida are preparing to lure in customers with free coffee, snacks, heavy discounts, and more.This list is just a small sampling of the businesses taking part in Small Business Saturday.However, not all the stores are doing Black Friday deals.



Take the Rte 22 West Exit 14B on the left towards Rte 202/206 for CLINTON. Take the Rte 206/202 North ramp towards I-287 North for MORRISTOWN/NETCONG.

Keep left at the fork in the ramp and merge onto Rte 202/206 North.



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