Speed dating study selectivity

Finkel and Eastwick wondered, “What if we changed that?What happens if we reverse the arrangement, and have men seated at their tables while women go around the room meeting men at their tables for their brief dates?They knew that, in these speed-dating events, men are far less selective than women in their mate choice; after meeting all of the potential dates, men check “yes” for a far larger number of women (indicating their desire to see them again) than women do for men.This is not surprising, as it mirrors most real-life dating situations where men come on to women far more frequently and aggressively than women come on to men.” So they went about to see what happens if the universal institutional arrangement is reversed.In their experiment, they hosted 15 heterosexual speed-dating events, with about 12 men and 12 women for each event.The genius of Finkel and Eastwick began when they made one seemingly minor, almost irrelevant observation.In the speed-dating events (both commercial and scientific), all the women remain seated at their respective tables, while men go around the room to meet each woman at her table at the beginning of their brief “date.” According to one executive of a speed-dating service quoted in Finkel and Eastwick’s article, this is a practical decision.

Women typically carry more things with them (such as a purse and pieces of clothing) than men do, so it is physically easier for men to go around the room quickly than it is for women.

For this reason, the format where women remain seated and men go around the room has become in all speed-dating events.



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