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Make sure you look relaxed and approachable – a smile usually goes down well too.

I’d avoid the passport serious face or any pouting or posing.

Sunglasses are a definite no as are bare chests and low bikinis – mystery is much more appealing!

When Speed Dating burst onto the UK singles scene with a blaze of media interest in 2003 many thought of the events as something of a fad.

Sophisticated online matching engines exchange the contact details of your matches and after the event it's over to you to hook up with those you clicked with.

Statistics have shown the 80% of attendees meet at least one person that they want to see again.

I highly recommend slowdating for anyone thast single. Of course you need to choose one you like and that shows off your best features.Not so - Speed Dating has established itself as a staple of the rapidly growing singles market and several years on its popularity remains strong. The simple format of bringing together around 20 girls and 20 guys to meet for around 4 minutes each works.Dates provide just long enough to establish if you'd like to see someone again - and not too long if you don't!Compare all the options for singles dating and date finding here - speed dating, singles parties, singles events, online dating and singles holidays.

Customer reviews, ratings and feedback will help you make the right choice for you. I dated 23 men at last nights event at revolutions I was surprised to see so many men there, slowdating normally say 15-20 dates.

It helps us earn a little for putting this site together and is hugely appreciated.



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