As versatile as the instrument was, the music had changed a great deal--as had amplification technology.The old designs were magical in practicality and tone and these instruments--particularly the very early ones--are very collectible and command a premium in price today.The single coils would hum noticeably at volume, although Fender would continue to improve shielding to combat this problem.The floating vibrato mechanism was notorious for going out of tune and the arm itself subject to breakage, resulting in an after-market vibrato assembly industry.Guitars such as these are often sold in "packs" that include a small amp.Leo Fender's concept for the Stratocaster was a timeless innovation in guitar construction and design that reverberates to this day.Complaints began to emerge from the guitar-playing public regarding quality and playability issues.

The Stratocaster was so well conceived, in fact, that it changed very little over the ensuing years as there was very little reason to make any changes.

Knock-offs of the Strat design included features to address the aggressive music and techniques required to play it.

LEFT TO RIGHT: 1) The Hohner Rockwood is very close in design to the original Stratocaster.2) Behringer also manufactured a Strat-based clone.

In the waning years of CBS and the next few years beyond, it was the Vintage Reissue--namely the '57 and '62 models-- that returned the Fender name to one of reverence and quality.

However, by then, the basic design of the Strat was 30 years old.After CBS bought out Fender in the mid 1960s, the new company decided to make "improvements" to the guitar in the name of cost-cutting, production efficiency, and to ehnace the guitar's design.



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    Communication evolved in the course of history through different phases and through different shapes.

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    They replaced it with something called Microsoft Mail, which never really caught in popularity.

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    Treasurer, Member at Large and Representatives for Grades TK-3 and Grades 7-8 are elected the following year.

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