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Her name was Edith Cavell and she was born in England and was a nurse by profession.She was working in a nursing school in Belgium when the war erupted and although she was not a spy as we generally see them, she worked undercover to help soldiers from France, England and Belgium escape from the Germans.While women are still officially not allowed in combat in almost all nations, there is a long history of female involvement in warfare, even in ancient times.Espionage knows no gender and in fact being female could provide less suspicion and a better cover.At first she was allowed to continue as matron of a hospital and, while doing so, helped at least 200 more soldiers to escape.



There is extensive documentation of the role of women undercover and otherwise involved in intelligence work in the two world wars and some very interesting characters emerge from those two conflicts.If asked to name a female spy, probably most people would be able to cite Mata Hari of World War I fame.Her real name was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle Mc Leod, born in the Netherlands but who posed as an exotic dancer who was supposed to come from India.While there is little doubt about Mata Hari's life as a stripper and a sometimes prostitute, there is actually some controversy about whether she was ever actually a spy.

Likely she is remembered both for being executed and for having a memorable name and profession.

Another spy famous from World War I was also executed as a spy.



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