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We want our members to feel relaxed and safe and discourage any stunts or "trick" riding.As much as we love to avoid highways, some rides require us to use them. BAMR gets around Take a look at our calendar and you'll see we average over 60 rides a year!We schedule rides for all experience levels and we are the only group (that we know of) conducting monthly rides specifically for those who have never ridden in a group.Very much in love, Mrs Prater, aka madeline Carter and Jimmy Prater. We lived 10 miles apart and would never meet without you.BAMR has lots of planned rides on the calendar and plenty of pickup rides, in addition off season events... From your backyard to Caribou ME, Quebec and Tail of Dragon BAMR emphasizes safety.

The group is run by volunteers and you are welcome to help out or simply come along for the rides.

THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE, it is purely for owners of bikes who like to ride DISCLAIMER: By joining this group I acknowledge that motorcycle related activities are dangerous and that accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage, can, and do happen.

If your bike is not "highway compatible" you may want to skip any ride that's noted as such.

BAMR is not a club (no meetings, no elections) The dues help to cover fees that charges.

I acknowledge that I have motorcycle insurance coverage as required by Massachusetts state laws.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own actions and behaviors while riding a motorcycle within the group.


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