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R12 and how do you know for sure what randy and gale did or didn't do I read about gale in ny to and about the boyfriend for randy and girlfriend for gale but again how sure are to know what randy and gale did or didn't do?

To me it seems this hardly noticable change comes with the character development.

Because some of those sex scenes were pretty hot and heavy even if you were straight, it'd still turn you on to make out with a person in such a way.

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it was not during the 5 years after QAF, where GH was seeing at the same place of Randy's plays .%0D But some fans 'll never accept it!

They almost stopped using tongue in the later seasons?


Bu kimi hallardan uzaq olmaq üçün 2 ildir sizlere xidmet eden saytından pulsuz yararlana bilersiniz.Saytın MP3 Mahnılar bölmesinden istifade etmekle sevdiyiniz müğenlinin mp3 mahnıların hem onlayn dinleye hem de mp3 fayl kimi pulsuz yükleye bilersiniz.Gale was in NYC in April and went to see Randy perform at Joe's Pub.And Scott has been to see Randy perform on stage on the east coast as well.%0D %0D Nothing romantic between them though.

istenilen bölmesi istifadeçiler üçün pulsuz xidmetler gösterir.

Randy has a boyfriend whom he's been seeing for almost two years now and Gale is (supposedly) in a relationship with Yara.



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