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Contact: Aravinda, Sri Lanka Email: I am an educated, distinguished professional, 40 years with British citizenship, seeking a kind, honest, genuine, loving bride from Sri Lanka to settle down in Sri Lanka or the UK. A trustworthy, understanding person with similar interests are welcome. I m looking for a girl who is on her early to mid twenties who is well educated to get married and go oversees .

inviteing a devorce lady love care honest understanding. Looking for an intimate friendship/Relationship with a girl or a lady. recently came back to sri lanka after studying in Australia .

I am employed as a Financial Controller; I am well educated. Thank you Contact: Migara, New Zealand Email: Sinhala Catholic parents living in Canada seek an educated, attractive, well brought up partner for their 25 year old son to build a relationship leading to marriage.

I am a simple person, religion wise I am a catholic. He is 510 tall, good looking, well-mannered and is a Finance graduate holding a management position in a reputed Canadian bank.

A woman who drinks, clubbing, & loves to travel all over the world. Contact: Gunawardhane, Scandinavia Email: I am a 42 years old decent guy with good looks, dual citizen. Contact: Priyankara, Sri Lanka Email: I m a 29 year old guy .

An attractive lady who is loving and who could have a conversation with. Contact: Davin , Sri Lanka Email: Hello I m seeking prtty lovly girl .

SMS YOUR DETAILSContact: perera, Sri Lanka Email: I am Mahen from Kurunegala. My Father left when i was 3 years old and also my Mother suffering Nervous system weakness therefore she is taking medicine for that. Contact: Ekanayake, Sri Lanka Contact: Ekanayake, Sri Lanka Email: Hi i'm Nidharshan from Colombo working at a recognised company which is located in colomb. B if anyone is really interested please send an e-mail then it's possible for me to send more details about me please don't contact for fun.


Care much more love I m spend simple life style i m stil serchin my bride for happy enjoyble life. sober habits person come from middle class family working pvt sectoer abroad proposal also consider my viber number Contact: nilantha, Sri Lanka Email: I am 40 yr Male from Sri Lanka, living in New Zealand for the past 24 years.I am a divorcee with a single child, a son 10 years old.


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