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If the woman starts treatment already past puberty, the resulting breast development can range from respectable to very disappointing – although even in the later case it should be noted that modern bra’s, “push-ups” and breast enhancers can still do wonders appearance wise.

But the final breast development may still be regarded as unsatisfactory, particularly in older patients, in which case implants may be desired.

“Breast Development in Male-to-Female Transsexuals: is published on with express permission of the Author, Annie Richards, who retains her copyright on this article in its entirety.

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The Breast A breast (also known as a mammary gland) is a quite complex structure consisting of a mass of fatty tissue and nerves served by a good blood supply.

Fully developed, each breast when lactating is capable of supplying a pint or more a day of nourishment (milk) and immunoglobulins to a nursing infant.


It is also impossible to ignore that the fact that breasts are immensely strong sexual symbols, and secondary sexual organs whose presence can be enjoyed by both the owner and their partner.Unlike a vagina, breasts can be easily and acceptably be publicly displayed in either part (cleavage) or full (e.g.Important Disclaimer: I’m not a qualified medical professional and the contents of this website are merely based upon my experience and research. ~ Annie Richards For all women, breasts are a very important and very visible aspect of their “womanhood”, it is also probably fair to say that the female breast is regarded as a key aspect of feminine beauty, both in our modern society and historically – and with both men and women.The development of breasts gives the male-to-female transsexual woman a tremendous confidence boost, and powerfully identifies her as a female to others.

While ultimately many transsexual woman will have breast implants, the first step is always female hormone treatment, using oestrogen and anti-androgens to enable the growth of breasts to their maximum natural size – although this is somewhat less than that of close female relatives.

Breast growth can often be enhanced by use of an appropriate progestrogen, causing a more natural breast shape to form with lactative and ducting tissue as well as the fatty tissue laid down by oestrogen treatment.


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