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This included their ability to make others laugh, enjoying jokes made by others, and seeing humour in everyday life.

With all the ‘Star Wars’ spoofs on the internet, this finding really didn’t surprise me. Politics Female fans of ‘Star Trek’ were found to be more liberal than female ‘Star Wars’ fans (no differences were found between males). Sexual Desire and Attraction Overall, ‘Star Wars’ fans placed greater importance on physical and sexual compatibility between themselves and their prospective partners.


Overall, the personalities of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ fans were pretty similar, but we found five distinct differences between the two groups. Humour Male ‘Star Wars’ fans were found to have more sense of humour than male ‘Star Trek’ fans.

The ‘Star Wars’ saga, on the other hand, has a lot of philosophy and religious influence tied into the story.

Also, the recent Czech Republic census showed 15 thousand citizens claimed Knights of the Jedi as their religion. Adventurousness This was maybe the most surprising.

What are the differences between people that follow the Force, and those who consider themselves “Trekkies”?

How prevalent are they on e Harmony, and is there a difference in their online dating experiences based on this preference?‘Star Trek’ fans were found to be less adventurous and energetic than ‘Star Wars’ fans.


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