Starcevic dating

He wrote literary criticism, short stories, newspaper articles, philosophical essays, plays and political satire. His travelogue From Lika was published in Kulan's magazine Slavenski Jug on 22 October 1848.

He wrote four plays in the period 1851-52, but only the Village Prophet has been preserved.

Starčević was born on May 22, 1823 in the village of itnik near Gospić, a small town in the Military Frontier within Austria-Hungary, son of a Croat Catholic father and a Serb Orthodox mother.

In 1845 he graduated from a comprehensive secondary school in Zagreb.

A Croatian philosopher, politician and writer, Starčević's diverse activities and works laid the foundation for Croatian nationalism and the modern Croatian state.


His critical review (1855) of Đurđević's Pjesni razlike was described by the Croatian literary historian Branko Vodnik as "our first genuine literary essay about older Dubrovnik literature".In 1845, he briefly attended the seminary in Senj, but that same year moved to Pest (Budapest) to attend a Roman Catholic theological seminary where he attended classes in Starčević then returned to Croatia and resumed his studies in theology at the seminary in Senj.Rather than becoming a priest, however, he decided to engage in secular pursuits.Starčević accepted the etymological orthography and used the Ekavian accent for his entire life, considering it the heir of the old Kajkavian.

He transcribed the text from the Glagolitic alphabet to the Latin alphabet, analysed it and published it in 1852 in .In his foreword the 27-year-old Starčević elaborated his linguistic theories - specifically that the Croatian language was a mixture of all three Croatian dialects (Shtokavian, Chakavian and Kajkavian) and the Krajina dialect with its 600 year history.


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