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There is no great uniformity in religious practice or sexual mores shared by these various groups.

Within the Judeo-Christian heritage, there are substantial populations of Roman Catholics, mainstream Protestants (Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, and others), and a growing number of fundamentalist Christians.

The overwhelming majority of Americans represent the Judeo-Christian heritage, but that statement is potentially misleading.

To a considerable degree, the choice of religious denomination is directly related to the ethnic patterns previously described.



Four major trends for the future have been detailed in There is also great diversity in religious affiliation in the United States (Marciano 1987; see Section 2A). Hispanics moved from third place at 9.0% in 1990 to second place in 2002 at 12.5% (see Section 2B, Religious, Ethnic, and Gender Factors Affecting Sexuality, Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Perspectives, U. Hispanics represent the fastest-growing minority group in the U. There are also more than two million Native Americans Eskimos, Aleuts, and those mistakenly at one time called Indianswhose ancestors have occupied North America for thousands of years, and whose residence within the boundaries of what is now the U. In summarizing aspects of sexuality in America, it is helpful to keep in mind that the United States of the 21st century will look profoundly different from the nation described in this chapter.


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