Stella and jenny warpaint dating

Even if there was an origin of an idea, we all expand on that and try and make it a collaborative, democratic process where everyone feels comfortable with what they're doing, and feels that they've expressed themselves if they have an idea about the way that a song should be arranged or any changes or moods.

We're all open to listening to each others points of view. One of them is called "Bees," which is a song we've been doing live a fair bit since the beginning of the year.


Just seeing them physically and the way they interact on stage; it's very endearing and very earnest. I guess it's hopefully an evolution from what the EP was.

I don't know how it differs in the production because I just joined the band last year.

We caught up with the charming, hilarious Mozgawa earlier this week as she was relaxing at a friend's house.

Our conversation topics ranged from dating musicians, her intense fascination with Lady Gaga and an undying love for sake bombs and hip-hop.


Basically being inactive after being active for a long time is nerve wracking. We just got an email saying, "Here's the routing for the tour -- do you guys want to do it? I'd heard a lot about them, and we listened to their album when we were on tour in Europe.

When I'm back in town, I make music with the girls or rehearse or write with other people and play. Seeing them live was really very important, it demystified all the ideas I had about them as a band. " We started working on it January, few of the songs were written prior to that. We recorded twelve or thirteen tracks, and we're whittling it down now.


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