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However once downloaded it will add new modes, new maps, and even more to the game.

This includes: PLAYSTATION 4 SALES REVEALEDSony has projected that it will sell 20 million Play Station 4 consoles for its financial year ending March 31, 2017.

That got cut."In Scotland, you could do a snowball fight. You could pick up snow anywhere and throw it at Sam, and he would throw snowballs at you. OVERWATCH CONTENT UPDATEBlizzard's new multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch went live Tuesday evening and already there's a day one patch to download.

The update, listed as 1.02 on Play Station 4, is a whopping great 9.66GB in size.

Now amateur players like myself can break down gameplay better to see why exactly it is I can’t beat any Dhalsim or M.


Capcom has revealed the street date for Street Fighter V’s final DLC character, Urien.The long-awaited character will be available for purchase via the Play Station Network and Steam on September 22 and will be immediately available to Season Pass holders. The September update will also add a handful of new features to the game, beginning with all-new stage transitions.Although there's plenty more featured in the interview, we've picked out a few of our personal favourites."There used to be a cooking sequence, where you were actually mixing in ingredients.You could make the food too spicy, and they would have different dialogue, depending on how spicy you made it.

Recently, Capcom detailed some of Urien’s abilities, including his V-Skill, V-Trigger, and Critical Art, which you can see in the Japanese version of his trailer that includes a ridiculously more epic soundtrack than the U. The following stages will now feature transitions in the same vein as the transition seen in the Bustling Side Street stage, where the losing player is knocked into a bus: Capcom also announced the new Versus CPU Mode, which allows players to battle the CPU without having to play Story Mode or the difficult Survival Mode.In addition, if you find yourself strapped for Fight Money, you’ll be able to complete Daily Targets, which are challenges offering a reward of 1,000 to 5,000 FM.


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