Summer glau is dating


met her husband Val on the set of (it was a last minute job). Favourite music: Country, blues, everything Latin Favourite musical: West Side Story Favourite musician: George Strait Favourite author: C. Favourite TV Shows as a kid: “Little Mermaid” and “The Last Unicorn”. Favourite dessert: apple pie and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

Favourite Sience Fiction TV Shows: “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

The series also stars Jesse Bradford, Patrick Warburton, Bruce Davison, and James Maslow. In the meantime, watch the trailer for the series below…

Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson Thursday, Nov.

has done several commercials before started acting …


if she wasn’t acting, she would go back to theater. spent 9 month preparing for (6 month of fight training & 3 month in a fightcamp). hurt herself on the arm while performing a stunt in Serenity. blew a line at the end of a particularly long and difficult scene on the TV series (that was her first big audition). almost played the love interest for Hiro in NBC’s sci-fi drama Heroes.

Favourite TV Shows: “Will & Grace” and “The West Wing”. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

is now available to stream on Crackle, as of earlier this month!

The series currently has six episodes, with six more set to be released in October.

Favourite flower: Gardenia Favourite computer: Mac Favourite Firefly episode: Objects In Space.

Favourite dish: Ribs Favourite snacks: Chips and salsa Favourite food to serve Mexican Favourite cake: spice cake with cream cheese icing. Favourite drink (alcoholic) : Tequila Favourite colour: peach.


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