Support group women dating married men is dane cook dating


” It’s so important to know your legal rights regardless of what decision you have made.

Know Your Rights Some women in this situation ask themselves a ton of questions like: “Does he have to pay child support?

” or “Can he take the child or have visitation rights?

Buy motivational books, talk to a therapist, or your spiritual counselor and try to find an outlet to start mentally moving forward.

You owe it to the baby to not be too stressed while you are pregnant.

Affairs scream deception, manipulation, and the potential to cause lots of hurt and pain to all involved.

That baby didn’t ask for the situation and deserves the best and if the mother has some info and support it will benefit the baby.

People have been cheating on their significant others and spouses for thousands of years.


When I started researching this topic I saw nothing but hate bashing and negative comments online towards the mistresses who were asking questions and especially the ones who’ve gotten pregnant by their lovers.And I totally get it, I’m married now and if my husband had an affair I would be beyond devastated.


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