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Contact us by email at [email protected] your name(s) to reserve your spot(s).Be sure to arrive early on the first night to complete your registration.Please note that for all of our classes, it is not necessary to bring your own partner, as there are plenty of other people to dance with.Comfortable clothing and flat, smooth-soled shoes are recommended.


See the Session Schedule box above to find out when the next session begins.Note there are no classes on Bank Holiday Mondays (hence some Monday sessions may run for more than 6 weeks if one or more Bank Holidays fall in the middle of the session).Level 1 (Beginners): Learn the basics of Lindy Hop.In this course, we lay the foundations for you, teaching you the essential elements of Lindy, enabling you to hit the floor dancing.

Level 2 (Improvers): Now that you know the basics, start building your Lindy repertoire with new moves that build on the basics learned in the Level 1 class.

There are 5 different 6-week Level 2 sessions – A, B, C, D and E (30 weeks in total) – taught on a rotating basis, and they can be taken in any order.



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