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Syracuse 6, Duke 5 (, 1st half ): Both teams feeling each other out early. Duke 87, Syracuse 86 (, OT): Jerami Grant has three dunks, but Duke has the lead. Syracuse 78, Duke 78 (end of regulation): It's headed to overtime. Grant is up to 16 points and Cooney just knocked down a huge 3-pointer. Duke making some 3-pointers to stay in the game as the Orange is scoring around the basket.Rasheed Sulaimon's 3-pointer at the buzzer has sent the game into overtime. Jefferson just picked up his fourth foul and heads to the bench. Syracuse 47, Duke 43 (, 2nd half): SU has made all three of its shots to start the second half. Syracuse 25, Duke 20 (, 1st half ): Orange has a nice run going, highlighted by a Cooney 3-pointer and a Roberson dunk off a fast break.A despicable human being that frequents the old Jackie 2000 or Mama Raven phone/chat lines in Syracuse NY. I am really only 12 and I am smart enough to know you are a partyliner!The female versions are usually MUCH younger than they tell you and the males are usually MUCH older than they state. The majority of partyliner girls are 12-15 years of age and at least slightly overweight. Duke has already attempted eight 3-pointers and made two.


The majority of the partyliner males are in their 40's and are looking to hookup with young chicks. Many are looking for an older guy to get the drunk or stoned.

The partyliner is a perfect match for itself since all old partyliner males want a young partyliner female.


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    Six months later, Gallup presented new polling numbers which showed that conservatives outnumbered liberals in every state but Rhode Island.

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    She's had a multitude of film roles--Dorothy Savage in Marple: Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

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    If we don't want to be treated differently, why do we have to use different terms, or different dating sites? I personally don't think that the folks at Woo Plus believe "falling in love with someone above a size 18 [is] unusual." If that were the case, they'd be setting themselves up for failure.

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    So he did, and by the middle of fall he started dyeing and stringing sticks for his customers.

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    Confidence is attractive and is one of the most important factors in attaining a great adult chat experience.

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