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Please keep the debates restricted to books and ideas, not people.A group for chatting about all types of erotica from the tame to the taboo. We discuss erotic reads of all types, so come on, don't be shy...Your profile must be public when requesting to join our group or your request will be rejected. We are adults who can understand and read sexually implicit (not explicit) fictional literature and appreciate it for what it is. ***BDSM lifestyle, book discussions, education, and much more!

We have Educational Topics, Challenges, News Updates, Lists and Listopias, lots of book discussions and more! (PLEASE READ MEMBERSHIP REQUEST INFO BELOW & ANSWER *ALL* MEMBERSHIP CHALLENGE QUESTIONS.) A save haven for all who like erotica, and all that is a little darker, including BDSM, rough sex, forced seduction, rape, kidnapping, multiple partners, and all things taboo. Opinions on this site are diverse and sometimes directly polarized.

Differences of opinion must be addressed with respect.

If you have a private profile, nd will send you a friend request (or you can send her one) once you accept it, nd will take a look at your profile, feel free to unfriend if/when you're approved for the group. If nd can't see you, she can't let you in the group.

This is a group where you can share - whether you live the lifestyle, enjoy reading stories with BDSM elements, or both. You will be asked to verify this when you request to join.


Please join us for our group reads - there is a different one each week. Whether it be sexuality, class, race, fringe lit, violence, mental health, or any taboo- we will take it all on! Let's move beyond "50 Shades of Grey" and challenge our comfort levels, our beliefs, and ourselves.Tired of having your book recommendations come to you via Oprah's Book Club? Wishing to expand your horizons and test your boundaries? Broken Lives is a series chronicling the lives of a teacher (Clara Hatton) and her student (Dante Rata), following their relationship from 2002 to present time.


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