Taboo sex


As he's trying to fall asleep, Melissa cannot keep herself from laying up next to him and rubbing his body.

TWO - Cherie is in the kitchen when her son comes in.

He starts groping her and becomes aggressive and dominate almost immediately.

Melissa and her Dad go away for a little while, but to his surprise, the hotel room he got them has only one small twin bed.

He calls the front desk and it seems that is the only room available.

When he comes down to drink it, he notices her cleaning the kitchen in skin tight yoga pants. After he drinks his coffee, he decides to watch some TV on the couch- that's when his "special coffee" starts to have an effect on him.

Melissa comes over to curl up next to him and he tries to conceal it, but she knows he has a raging hard on, and she's going to take advantage of him.

It seems his birthday present got the best of him, and he wants more from his mom, and he is going to get it- even if he has to force her.


She knows he's becoming a man, and she wants to do everything she can to help his growth.After she sings happy birthday to him, she has something other than candles to blow, and a special present to give him.


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