Taiwan adult cam


This Taiwanese driver, in the car with the dash-mounted camera, is one of the luckiest people on Earth.

The cost of a medevac flight to bring an injured Calgary man home following a horrific car crash in Asia has his family scrambling to raise ,000.

John Kelly, who had just begun a position teaching English in Taichung, Taiwan, was walking home on October 1 when he was struck by a car.

“She said that John’s been hit by a car,” said Shanon. She’s going ‘they’re doing CPR on him’ in the (emergency room) and I just started crying too.” The following day, Shanon left Canada to be with her son and Mavis in Taiwan. Taiwan does not have a Canadian embassy so the Kelly family has been working alongside the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei.When she arrived, she discovered the full extent of John’s injuries. The Canadian government has approached its Taiwanese counterpart in an attempt to activate John’s health insurance and to instigate a full investigation of the crash.



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