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1992 consensus between Beijing and Taipei appears here to stay “Possibly the new government will choose to make new statement during a major occasion like national day or the New Year Day’s address to the public about its cross-strait policy,” Kao noted.

It has also tried to exert economic pressure on the island by reducing the number of mainland visitors to Taiwan.

“The standstill will continue until one side can no longer stand it any more,” said Kao Kong-lian, former vice-president of Taipei’s Straits Exchange Foundation, which represented the government in talks with the mainland in the past eight years when Ma Ying-jeou of the mainland-friendly Kuomintang was president from 2008 until this year.


An, however, said cross-strait communication could only be resumed after Taiwan’s new government accepted the consensus.

When President Tsai Ing-wen, of the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party, was sworn in on May 20, she only acknowledged that there was such a meeting during which the two sides tried to seek common ground over their differences.



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