Tall girls intimidating

I figured the boys would not be huggers, but they were very sweet and after the first night, most wanted hugs.Another highlight of the week was that tennis was part of the programming for sports and recreation.I overheard the husband say that if any camper says tennis is their favorite activity, they will give that camper a free adult racquet on Awards Night.I passed along this tidbit to one of my boys and he got his free racquet (and thanked me for letting him know). Yes, we’re on the clock 24-7, but we get some breaks and we’re at camp, so we’re having fun.However, I had perhaps my worst night sleeping in a cabin during this week.

After cabin chat, maybe the third night, I made my way around the bunk room saying goodnight and then headed toward the door.

One of them called my name and said that I’d missed saying goodnight to him. They have the option of giving us a high five, fist bump or a hug goodnight.

There are tennis courts at camp but I’ve never seen them used.

Four years ago, a husband and wife started traveling from Florida one week during the summer to teach tennis to the kids. I was able to join in one afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had a multitude of things going on and had to choose a week in August that coincided with two of my favorite summer events – the Indiana State Fair and the Olympics.I was ok about the fair and more bummed I’d miss a week of the Olympics. I had a surprise after checking in– I was assigned to a boy’s cabin! I’ve loved my girls, but was a bit excited about the boys.



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    The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.

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