Taylor lautner and miley cyrus dating who is alia shawkat dating

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson made box office magic with their romance, and it appears the ‘American Ultra’ star is going to try it again.

"See, that was confusing when we were shooting the movie," she said.

"Everybody was confused, so halfway through the day, [I said], 'You call him Taylor, and you call me Swifty.' Problem solved." Swift also laughed off Ellen's jokes about how much money she's made since her album, Fearless, has sold more than 4 million copies.

Is it a PR stunt to reheat the Twilight star’s career?

By all accounts, Kristen Stewart was in love with her assistant turned girlfriend.


After cashing in on her showmance with Robert Pattinson, Stewart began dating Alicia and the two were photographed kissing and enjoying plenty of PDA.

Kristen never confirmed the relationship, but it was pretty obvious.



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