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Or listening and saying, ''I'm sorry'' or something like that when she complains.For instance at a sleepover she was texting me about the girls being loud during a movie, and I just said ''try to have fun, at least you've seen the movie before'', and then when someone was hogging the bed I left it at, ''I'm sorry'' and her phone died.

What I did not realize was that she suffered from anxiety!It came to a head in high school, and I finally took her to see someone, and with therapy and some anxiety meds, she is 100% better.



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    La Haye has gone so far as to dismiss the notion that Revelation was written before AD 70 as “historically ridiculous.” A closer look at the evidence, however, reveals not only that such dismissive language is unwarranted but that the late-date position is untenable.

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