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Well, there are a few things we are still exploring.First, I am focusing on how witnessing violence in the home during childhood is related to future involvement with teen dating violence and whether gender matters.In the first analysis [published in the , we wanted to look at prevalence rates of relationship violence.In that analysis, almost half of people were reporting some involvement in violence, either victimization or perpetration; more females than males reported perpetrating violence and about a quarter of males reported being victims of violence. Another interesting finding was that emotional violence was the highest form of violence reported before college and was equal with sexual violence during college.We surveyed students at three local colleges in the Philadelphia area, which we selected to get a broad diversity of students.


Yet, emotional or psychological violence as some describe it, is frequently absent from studies on teen dating violence, even though it is linked to a host of negative consequences.

What ongoing research are you doing with data from the Campus Violence Study?



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